Repair, Restore or Replace?

Roofing Restoration

When a roofer inspector checks your roof, they should give you a detailed report that includes but not limited to corrosion, leaks, cracks and damages. Having a detailed report gives the owner clear guidelines on what to do next whether a repair, restoration or replacement is needed. Not having the right information could lead to costly replacements or even delay in repairs and this is one important reason you should hire a certified roofer.

Do you Always Have to Repair the Roof?

This is not necessary unless there are damages that have been identified. When there are visible damages on the roof, the first option should be to repair them. Some repairs include replacing shingles, sealing off leaks and adding high-performance adhesives to loose shingles. This should be your first line of defense for your roof as it is much cheaper than restoration or replacement.

When you should Restoration be considered?

When many cannot repair their roofs or it has been repaired too many times before, the first thing they opt to do is a roof replacement. This is expensive and consumes time since it involves tearing off the entire roof. In most cases, this is not the best solution. That roof could be restored. Isn’t restoration the same as repair? This is a common question to those experiencing roof issues.

These are two different things. While roof repair is all about fixing specific areas, restoration on the other hand involves these repairs, cleaning, upgrading the entire roof and applying another roofing material on top of the existing one. This is what makes a difference between repairs, replacement and restorations. The good thing about roofing and technology is it’s easy to determine whether your roof needs restoration. Actually, with the use of technology, you are able to know exactly how much time your roof has remaining before it becomes useless.

When to Consider Replacement

You have been repairing your roof for years. You have even had it fully restored but there are constant issues such as leaking and spots on the ceiling. Maybe it’s time to consider a roof replacement. This is expensive and will require more time than a repair project. Be prepared in terms of finances and the inconveniences that might come with it. Before you can opt to have the entire roof replaced, consider any other viable option that you may have.

If you have no option apart from replacing the roof, ensure that you invest in high-quality materials that are both weather resistant and offer better waterproofing characteristics. You have already learnt important information about different roofs and how to improve them, this is a good chance to have a better roof.

After inspecting your roof, a good roofer will give you all the necessary details. They will even advise you on the longevity of the roof and what you might need to do in future. Repairing will reduce the damages on the roof, restoration will extend the life expectancy of your roof while replacement will give you a totally new roof.

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