Bird in the window / Pasăre la cerere

This little guy threw itself into our living-room window a few days ago.Tuesday,more precisely.Don’t know how it missed seeing it,as it happened before I even cleaned the windows.I was actually just going to do it (not that it matters too much,whatever I clean becomes exactly the same in very short time when there are 3 small kids involved).Reminds me of once when we lived in France and my mother had cleaned the living-room window,I was a freshly baked mother and had the extended family around.Our 2 year old nephew ran straight into that big clean window.

Anyway,this little pretty bird hit it hard,we found it on the opposite corner of the window.Lying on its side,I was quite sure it would die and could not bear to look at it,did not know what to do,knowing from my childhood that small birds die anyway in the end.And I just can’t stand looking at hurt animals,that’s why we don’t even own a fish in a jar.Cause even if they are not hurt they will still die before me and that would be too sad.I know,childhood memories again.And I swore,never again.

So while I was moving around like a chicken with no head,wanting to do something helpful but at the same time wishing it to go away…And thinking ain’t life just funny,I have always wanted to see a bird like that,that I only saw in pictures,as this one was a bit reddish and I had only seen blueish.And not only to see it,but to take a close look.Maybe even to draw it.Well,now I had my bird.Half dead.Who would want to take pictures of that?…And that tormented me long enough to make phonecalls in the country and outside the country,until the children came screaming that the bird opened its eyes and even more,it was standing.Halleluiah!But still,it was not standing on its legs,so we thought they were broken,or maybe the wings were,and it will remain unmoved in front of my window until a cat will eat it and I will have to witness that.Poor me!Back in the house,more phonecalls and a little bit of doodling in between,in an attempt to keep my mind away from it….

Children screaming again.The bird is now standing! Halleluiah again! We put a little bit of water in a bottle lid.And I did my best to still avoid seeing what was going on in my front garden. Eventually to get away from us,the bird managed a short flight to the tree behind us,hiding there under the big branches.Yeeei! We were happy nothing seemed to be broken and I was even happier that I will not have to worry about the neighborhood’s cats.As if cats cannot climb into trees,but hey,I needed some hope,right?

Case closed,I thought.Husband came home,he had been kept posted by the children on what was going on.He said that no matter what,he will wake up earlier in the morning and look at that tree and make sure one way or the other that we will not have to witness anything amymore.

Sun was down now,a couple or more hours have passed.The bird had not moved.And so husband and children went out to see the latest developpment in the case.That’s when I almost missed to see,with the corner of my eye,the bird flying from the tree over their heads and over the rooftop and dissapear out of my sight.I went to look for it but could not see anything,so I hoped it made it home that night safe and sound.More than that,I was glad it was over,no more drama in my yard and no nightmares that night…

E adevărat.Ai grijă ce-ți dorești,că universul te aude și-ți trimite val-vârtej.De pildă,de la o vreme încoace visam să văd și eu un vrăbiuț din ăsta colorat roșcat.Da’ numai albaștri îmi zburau prin copaci.Și nu numai să-l văd,dar să-i fac o poză îndeaproape,că să-l desenez.Sau să-l împletesc din sârmă.Să-i fac ceva creativ,dar.În niciun caz să-l resuscitez.

Doar că el a zburat cu capul în geam,a ricoșat în partea opusă și a picat ca mort.Spre disperarea mea,că nu-mi place nici măcar să văd un pește într-un borcan,darămite o vrabie pe moarte în grădină.
Însă tot universul s-a ocupat de asta,din fericire.Vreo jumătate de oră mai târziu păsărelul a stat pe picioarele lui.M-am liniștit că nu și le-a rupt.Peste vreun sfert de oră a zburat și s-a ascuns în bradul de lângă.M-am mai liniștit o dată,nicio aripă ruptă.Niște ore mai târziu și-a luat zborul peste capetele noastre curioase și peste acoperișul casei.Mi s-a luat o pasăre de pe suflet,i-am mulțumit universului pentru livrarea promptă și pentru primul ajutor și clar,pentru fotografie.



8 thoughts on “Bird in the window / Pasăre la cerere

    • Haha,Dave,I was thinking exactly about you.I mean,I wrote all that long story in English,thinking of course that I will make it short,as usual.In the end I didn’t even feel like writing again all that in romanian.Only later I added a few romanian words that I copied from my FB comment under the photo of the bird :))
      And then I just hoped at least you will read it :))
      I guess when I started writing I got into the story and then words just kept coming.
      I am glad it ended up well for everybody included :D.

  1. O păsăruică norocoasă ! La noi a aterizat asemănător un porumbel voiajor. L-am redat proprietarului, dar după câteva zile de suferință a murit. Am mai pățit și cu vrăbii, dar n-au avut nimic. De ce s-or fi izbind așa de geamuri ?…
    Îmi pare bine că al tău a scăpat, chiar așa, zguduit ! 🙂

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