The favourite artist /Artistul preferat

Today at school,2nd grade.The children were supposed to find each some artist they like.My daughter chose me.And the whole class watched my creations ( on the big screen.And they thought that was so cool! And they also made sure to tell me that. Ain’t this lovely? 🙂

Azi la școală.Clasa a 2-a.Copiii au avut de găsit fiecare un artist care le place.Fiică-mea m-a găsit pe mine.Și clasa întreagă mi-a vizualizat creațiile ( pe ecranul mare.Și le-a plăcut ce-au vazut,și au avut grijă sa-mi zică,încântati.Ce frumos,nu-i așa?:)



2 thoughts on “The favourite artist /Artistul preferat

    • Haha,Dave,I write in english when it is short.I will do my best to write more,at least for getting the idea of my writing (when it is not a poem 😀 ).
      Yes,it is actually a great memory,that’s why I wrote it down here,in my diary 🙂

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