La Giraffe chique

Not that I am good at drawing, but I like to do it,as naive as it is.It is not going to stop me,of course, it can only make me improve, right?
Here is my giraffe chique. Only today I realized it fits very much with a story I wrote for my children.Including the flamingo, except the cat :D. Which is excellent, since I didn’t have an illustration for that 😉

4giraf 001_pe


2 thoughts on “La Giraffe chique

  1. Foarte frumos desenul. E plin de culoare iar cele trei personaje au multa personalitate. Mi-am adus aminte de o carte de demult, Intamplari cu h­az de Nina Cass­ian si Nell Cob­ar, o carte foarte interesanta de colorat, completat si nu numai. Personajele tale seamana putin cu acelea.

    • Eu am o poveste scrisa cu o girafa, si se potriveste desenul de minune,desi am scris-o acum niste luni,si desenul l-am facut fara sa ma gandesc.
      Ma bucur ca-ti place! 🙂

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