Happy Anniversary,they say / La mulți ani…

This is what I just saw in my notifications. I didn’t get it at first , then I saw it has been 2 years since I first started blogging . I know it has been 2 years since I registered a blog, it took some time to post  something which was few of my beginning handmade creations,just to get some kind of feedback from friends.Then I chose another blog for my creations, abandoned this one, took another look at it some year ago and started writing sometimes,then more often. It has been through changes during this year and a few months,I deleted many personal posts, I found out that I don’t like – or want- to write about myself or what i do anymore, but rather let photos talk,I discovered that I like taking photos, I also started playing with words and rhymes and getting into some kind of poetry writing… never say never,that would have been me some months ago, writing poetry,who,me? Never. I also wanted to close it down, I even did id for some days, and I never really got into this blogging thing, I still think I should just close the door and forget about it, but for some reason, I am still here. Well, I think that reason is mainly photography.

So,if it is happy anniversary,then let it be. Let’s see if it will also make it to 3 years 😀


Îmi spune WordPress, și nu înțeleg ,căci nu e ziua mea, și dacă ar fi fost,de unde să știe ei? M-am lămurit mai apoi că sunt 2 ani de când am înregistrat primul blog,cu numele Silving. Pe care n-am postat nimic la început, apoi am postat câteva creații handmade de început,să culeg câteva impresii de la cunoscuți.Mai târziu am ales alt blog pentru creații, pe ăsta l-am abandonat și inițial am vrut să-l șterg, dar parcă n-aș fi vrut să pierd numele.Așa că m-am gândit să-i dau și lui o șansă și să scriu ceva.Mai rar la început,mai des apoi,ca oricare care își caută stilul și nu știe exact ce să scrie.A mai fost blogul ăsta și prin schimbări,am șters după un an de scris în el, cam toate postările personale,nu mă mai reprezentau,sau mai degrabă,nu le-am  mai vrut publice. Mi s-au schimbat și interesele Am început să pun cuvinte in rime, ceea ce mi s-ar fi părut imposibil prin primăvară . Mai mult, nici nu m-ar fi interesat. Am vrut să și închid blogul,am și facut-o pentru niște zile. Dar cum bloguit-ul ăsta mi-a deschis apetitul pentru fotografie, cred că de asta încă mai sunt pe aici.

Să fie la mulți ani,atunci. Va mai fi oare și o aniversare de 3 ani ? 😀


26 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary,they say / La mulți ani…

  1. Never close it whatever happens. Even with inactivities. I once closed a blog before and I regret it. I can’t revive back my creative outlets I had before. Don’t do the same mistake I did.
    Anywho, Congrats for this milestone, more power and have fun blogging.

  2. La multi ani, să-ți trăiască blogușorul, Silving și ține-o tot așa, că ai lucruri frumoase de scris și arătat, chiar dacă vor mai fi pauze din cînd în cînd! 🙂

  3. We both wrestle so much with this blogging thing, don’t we? I almost didn’t start again after last summer. But I need to blog to stay in touch with my family so far away, and I want to blog for good friends like you that I have met through the blog. When I stopped for the summer, I lost touch with several friends I thought would always be there for me. It was a great loss for me. Well, it may be selfish for me to say so, but I hope you never go away completely forever. Rest now and then, but post something once in awhile, even if it is just a picture here and there, and an occasional story about your son. We have never met and never will, but you have become a good friend to me. I don’t have many of those. Yet I know life moves on, and if one day I am reading your final post, I will balance the loss with remembrances of how you have enriched my life.

    Now, I’ll finish another year if you will, too!

    • Dave, don’t you have a facebook account? 😀
      In any case, you have an e-mail address 😉
      Yes, it’s true, we don’t always have our heart into it,for some reason, like others do. But it’s also true that I met a few nice people,like you say, including you.And I also thought about that, when i saw you paused for some time.
      Don’t say we will never meet,it sounds bad :D. Say we probably never will, but again,you never know :D.
      As for your friends that you lost, can’t you just go back on their blogs,or find their e-mail addresses?
      I don’t intend to go away for now, but if I ever do, we will find a way to stay in touch 🙂
      Thank you for thinking this way 🙂

  4. I must be in a pensive mood today. 🙂 I seem to have lost one friend that I valued dearly, and to whom I have apologized twice for my disappearance, but have never gotten a response. But I am getting too personal here. Have a very colorful winter, Irina!

    • Is Nina the friend? Anyway,if it was a good friend, he /she would understand that you needed a break. That is, assuming he/she would read your message.If he/she just chooses not to reply,then it was not such a good friend after all,maybe.Have a colorful winter, too, David!:)

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